The Christmas lights are out in force and have got us in party mode. Today, we humbly suggest a few quick winter party ideas – great for any celebration, or just adding well-deserved opulence to everyday life!

This cranberry spice winter cocktail would be perfect at any event. Or none. It is Christmas, after all…

For cocktails, if you’re very dedicated, you could try amping up your ice cubes with flowers!

Of course, alcoholic drinks aren’t the option for a fantastic event. Stealing an idea from our American cousins, this S’mores bar – as lushly illustrated below – sounds like something to have at our disposal all year round, never mind for a Christmas party!

For a S’more bar, all you need is to make available bountiful quantities of the basic ingredients for a S’more – Graham crackers (or a substitute biscuit), marshmallows and chocolate – and a fire to melt them over. For a sophisticated, seasonal S’more, though, look no further. You’re welcome.

    Guide to the Ultimate S’more:

  • Gingersnaps
  • Dark chocolate with tasty contents of choice – caramel or chilli chocolate recommended!
  • Marshmallows

Sandwich chocolate and marshmallows between gingersnaps. Toast (with tongs or similar) over a fireplace or similar flame until everything begins to melt, and eat as fast as humanly possible. Welcome in the ensuing rush of warm cosy feelings.

Recipe courtesy of!


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