Who We Are

0E1A9473This is our blog for London based catering company Capital Cooking Limited.

We’re people who love food, providing a service no-one else can match and tastes you won’t be able to forget.

With an enviable list of private and corporate clients, the Capital Cooking team provides beautifully personal and professional catering services in and outside of London. We combine amazing flavours, presentation and style with a service that’s second to none.

Founded in 2008, Capital Cooking brings together the skill and flair of some of the city’s best chefs and waiting staff, led by the talent of our founder and director, Imogen Krupski.

Imogen knows a thing or two about great cooking. Leaving university to train at the prestigious Leith’s School of Food and Wine in London, Imogen has gone on to cook in ski chalets, private yachts and houses all over the world for a diverse and lengthy list of clients, including members of the Royal Family, celebrities and senior members of the Houses of Parliament.

Imogen has spent her whole career exploring taste, perfecting dishes and nurturing her life-long enthusiasm for food.

Her experience and contacts mean we’ve been able to hone our suppliers to include some of the best in the country. Ashby’s, a longstanding London family of butchers, keep us well supplied with the best cuts of meat, poultry and game, Covent Garden’s Pavitt’s Produce provide all our seasonal fruit and vegetables, while AM Seafood supply us with sustainably caught fish. We also work closely with Casablanca party suppliers, who help us provide all the extras needed to make an event really shine, and with fine wine merchants, Jascots.

It’s this – our passion, our experience, our staff and our suppliers – that make us a catering company worth your time.

It’s the food that will keep you coming back.


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